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Get the newest top of the line towing equipment right here in Phoenix Arizona. Conveniently located by Glendale, Peoria, Tempe and Scottsdale.

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Towing and Tow Truck Supplies available here at Synergy Towing Equipment of Phoenix Arizona.

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Tow Truck Repair And Maintenance

We Repair parts for Miller Industries, Century, Chevron, Vulcan, Challenger, Champion, Eagle, Holmes, Jerr-Dan, Dynamic, Recovery Solutions, Dual Tech, Kilar, NRC, Weld Built.

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Dynamic Manufacturing are the innovators in the repossession and towing industry. Synergy Tow Truck Equipment Offers the Original Self-Loading Wheel-Lift.  Dynamic Manufacturing consistently works to perfect the Self-Loading Wheel-Lift. Today, the Self-Loading Wheel-Lift is the most sought after technology in the industry.

The Original Self-Loading Wheel-Lift from Dynamic was introduced in 1983. The Self-Loading Wheel-Lift was repossessing vehicles with it’s 90 degree hook up in 10 seconds and the driver never has to leave the security of the cab of the truck.

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Dynamic Rollback Tow Truck Arizona
Dynamic Rollback Tow Truck

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